Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud service powered by 34 Data Centers spread around the world-so you can run your apps anywhere. It includes a growing collection of integrated cloud services-analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and Web-that lets you move faster, achieve more, and save money.

Azure integrates with your existing IT environment through the largest network of secure private connections, hybrid database and storage solutions, and data residency and encryption features. AGM Infra can help you deploy hybrid Azure cloud solutions as well, to add private cloud access for specific apps, workloads, and data.

With Azure, you have one of the largest computing environments in the world supporting your business. Integrated tools and the broadest selection of operating systems, languages, frameworks, databases, and devices make your developers more productive. Predictive analytics bring you business intelligence to help power your decisions. Azure’s stringent security meets data protection and compliance requirements globally. As a pay-as-you-go service, Microsoft Azure lets you buy exactly what you need now. Later, you can quickly scale up or down on demand.

The AGM Advantage

Azure cloud services are extensive and diverse. AGM Infra helps you determine the best way to use Azure. Our many supplemental services include development, special consulting projects, and ongoing management and support.