Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Platform + AGM Infra End-to-end transformational change at a scale and speed that defies traditional IT.

What if you could jumpstart every project with a team of innovation engineers empowered and motivated to get you to market in record time? How much more could you impact your business by Leveraging the experience of 11,000+ domain experts to reveal the optimal solution for business today and your ecosystem’s future? Don’t settle for less when you could measure the impact of transformation at incomparable efficiency, quality, and speed.

AGM Infra, offering services across the cloud journey. Exploiting its digital technology expertise, AGM Infra helps customers drive innovation, scale and agility by accelerating their adoption of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), using industry best practices along with built in solution accelerators. With a deep digital engineering heritage, AGM Infra builds cloud-native, microservices-based, pre-built solutions and APIs on Kubernetes, as well as machine learning and data-oriented applications. We also provide end-to-end Managed Cloud Services and Cloud Operations Design, using the best-of-breed tools for Cloud Cost Optimization, Security, and more.

Our team of GCP trained practitioners, not only help accelerate cloud adoption, but also augment your digital enablement

Turn your “what if” into “what’s next”

Deep Domain Knowledge – Deep contextual expertise and a measurably better approach to technological challenges ensure every contributor thinks beyond today and builds collectively for a better future.

Opportunity for Disruption – Empowered agile engineering teams and domain specialists work together to think ahead on how emerging technologies will disrupt your industry; we come to every meeting with a point of view on how to grow your business, first and foremost.

Foundational Confidence – We jumpstart every engagement with our suite of accelerators, tools, CICD, and microservices for a foundation that gets you to market in record time.

Technological Longevity – The GCP-AGM Infra partnership delivers portable, reusable architectures and applications with built-in analytics to kick-start your Cloud journey — and carry it into the future.