Cloud Migration

Cloud migration

Whether public or private, if you are replatforming, rehosting, refactoring, or hybrid – for any cloud platform you choose – AGM Infra ensures success through every step of your migration journey.

Obtain essential insights for better assessment and planning
  • In just minutes, automatically create a complete, interactive dependency map of application components across the entire stack.
  • Identify data repositories and activity.
  • Determine external resources and dependencies.
Understand application usage and requirements

  • See how users access and interact with the application. Identify key transactions and business KPIs.
  • Automatically create a detailed performance baseline.
  • Use performance metrics for proper sizing and capacity planning.
Minimize disruption during cloud migration and prevent delays
  • AGM Infra cloud migration tools ensure design compliance with real time, full stack visibility of the application and components.
  • Artificial intelligence continuously learns application behavior, detects anomalies, and proactively pinpoints the root causes of issues.
  • Detect architectural regressions with automated tests. AGM Infra integrates with your CI/CD tool chain to stop broken builds earlier in your delivery pipeline.