ServiceNow is a leading cloud-based platform that provides a wide range of IT service management (ITSM) and business process automation solutions. Founded in 2004, ServiceNow has become one of the major players in the ITSM industry and has expanded its offerings to support various enterprise workflows beyond IT.

Key features and offerings of ServiceNow include:

IT Service Management (ITSM): ServiceNow's ITSM suite is designed to help organizations efficiently manage their IT services and support processes. It includes incident management, problem management, change management, asset management, and service catalog capabilities, among others.

IT Operations Management (ITOM): ServiceNow's ITOM module focuses on automating and managing IT operations, including infrastructure and application monitoring, event management, and discovery of IT assets.

IT Business Management (ITBM): ITBM enables organizations to align IT projects and resources with business priorities. It includes project portfolio management, demand management, and financial planning capabilities.

Customer Service Management (CSM): This module allows companies to manage customer service and support operations effectively. It provides features like case management, knowledge base, and omni-channel support to deliver a seamless customer experience.

HR Service Delivery: ServiceNow offers HR service delivery solutions that streamline HR processes, such as employee onboarding, offboarding, case management, and employee self-service.

Security Operations: ServiceNow's Security Operations module helps organizations manage and respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities more efficiently, facilitating collaboration between IT and security teams.

Integrated Risk Management (IRM): This module assists businesses in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks across various aspects of their operations.

ServiceNow's platform is known for its configurability, flexibility, and scalability. It uses a low-code approach, allowing users to design and customize workflows, forms, and applications without extensive coding knowledge. The platform's user-friendly interface and powerful automation capabilities have made it popular among large enterprises and organizations with complex IT and service management requirements.

By providing a centralized platform for managing IT and business processes, ServiceNow helps organizations enhance productivity, improve service quality, and optimize their workflows. The platform's ability to integrate with various third-party applications and services further contributes to its popularity and widespread adoption in multiple industries.